Turkish Weighbridge Manufacturers and Suppliers

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KUCUK OSMAN BASKUL SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Mehmet ŞENGÜN    
s weighing systems, automation devices, dimpled electromechanical, dimpled fully electronic, electromechanical smith scales, mechanical smith scales, various weighing systems, wells, weightbridge, truck scale, platform scale, weighing machine, platform balance, weighbridge, bascule, platform weighing machine, scalevator, weightbridge part, truck scale part, platform scale part, weighing machine part, platform balance part, weighbridge part, bascule part, platform weighing machine part, scalevator part
EKO BAY ELEKTRONIK        Türkiye     Ekrem Bayrak    
s crane, control, weighbridge
MEDENI BASKUL        Türkiye     İlker Medeni - İhsan Medeni    
s silo, grain silo, scales and weighbridges, platform scales, electronic scales, custom weighing scales, iron weighing scales, livestock animal scales, pit type scales, pitless type scales, non-operator scale systems, railway scales, pickup scales, portable grain weighing scales, etalon weights, spare parts and accessories, truck scales, electronic scales, scales, weighbridge, etalon weights
SELAM TICARET        Türkiye     Hamdullah PARÇA    
s alloy, hexagon bar profile, hexagon bar profiles, aluminum, aluminum hexagon bar profile, aluminum pipe profile, aluminum pipe profiles, aluminum rod profile, aluminum rod profiles, aluminum joinery, aluminum scrap, aluminum square square profile, aluminum cutting aluminum drilling, aluminum dryer, aluminum lama rectangular profile, aluminum profile, aluminum profiles, aluminum wires, aluminum wire, aluminum round bar profile, weighbridge, billets, pipe profile, pipe profiles, tea coffee machines, oven, iron, vacuum cleaner, profiles, casting, door and window systems, plastic mold, profile, household appliances, hair dryer, water heater, plastic injection, electrical household appliances, square profiles, pot, composite, ironing table, round profiles, mixer, kettle, rivet, round bar profiles, wire drawing, hair stylers, bar profiles, round bar profile, toast, bar profile, quadrangular profiles, square quadrangular profile, square quadrangle profiles, lama rectangular profile, lama rectangular profiles, shaving machines
OZKANLAR BASKUL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İsmail Hakkı ÖZKAN    
s weighbridges, scales, electronic vehicle weighbridges, truck scales, industrial weighing systems, weighing systems, weighbridge spare parts, weighbridge accessories, digital weighbridges, container weighing systems, belt scales, loader scales, excavator scales, transpallet scales, crane scales, weighbridge, scale, electronic vehicle weighbridge, truck scale, industrial weighing system, weighing system, weighbridge spare part, weighbridge accessory, digital weighbridge, container weighing system, marble scale, barrier systems, loadcells, indicators, indicator, transpallet scale, pallet scale, pallet scales, crane scale, barrier system, loadcell, rfid systems, livestock scales, marble scales, container weighing system, electronic vehicle weighbridge, iron and steel scales, belt scale, loader scale, excavator scale, dynamic weighing systems, static weighing systems, tumba sclaes, multipurpose small bascules, j-boxes, traffic light systems, plate recognition systems, external displays, voice guidance systems, visual guidance systems, dynamic weighing system, static weighing system, tumba sclae, iron and steel scale, livestock scale, multipurpose small bascule, j-box, traffic light system, plate recognition system, external display, voice guidance system, visual guidance system, rfid system
DETASIS TARTI SISTEMLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Özkan DERİCİ    
s scale, scales, platform scales, truck scales, axle scales, animal scales, industrial scales, blacksmith scales, weighing parts, weighing spare parts, scale parts, scale spare parts, indicators, scale indicators, weighing systems, weighing equipments, printers, power supply, power supplies, hand terminals, weighing hoist, weighing hoists, hoist weighing scales, hoist scale, hoist scales, floor scale, floor scales, weighing pallets, livestock scales, livestock weighing equipments, livestock weighi, electronic weighing systems, scale accessories, weighing modules, electronic weighing scales, trailer scales, portable scales, weighbridge, weighbridges, livestock weighing, livestock weighing systems, tabletop scales, ahnging crane scale, bench scales, agricultural scales, ironsmith scale, column type scales, vehicle weighbridge, vehicle weighing
ANADOLU SCALE        Türkiye     Anadolu Baskül    
s weigbridge, truck scales, truck weighing, scales, floor scales, weighbridge platforms, railway scales, weighing system, scale, truck scale, weighing systems, weighing indicators, weight, weighbridge, weighing indicator, weigh, scale indicators, weighing scale display, digital scale parts, weight display, scale displays, digital scale displays, digital scale components, digital scale display, digital scale component, scale part, truck scales, pit truck scale, portable weighbridges, pit truck scales, portable weighbridge
OSMAN KANTAR TRUVA TEKSTIL        Türkiye         
s textile, textile product, textiles, textile products, weighbridge
AS KANTAR        Türkiye         
s weighbridge, weighbridge products, weighbridge product
USLU BASKUL MAKINA        Türkiye         
s weight, weight systems, bascule, weighbridge, scales
s weighbridge, animal scales, scales, platform weighbridge, weighing systems